How we work.

1 Cooperating with the most exprienced and skilled companies, has always been our commercial experts' top priority along with our routing specialists' analysis we lay foundation to our highly reputated interconnections.

2 Supplying our exceedingly appraised customers with the most desired quality is the prime concern of our technical support engineers as our team is present 24/7 for facilitating any inquiries in a constant and persistant fashion.

3 We are well known for vigilance in regards of retail traffic distribution and holding the most fruitful conferences.

Clearly Defined Structure

Organizational structure defines who is responsible for doing various tasks within an organization. Initially, our organizational structure was introduced in the business plan at the onset of business establishment and was adjusted over time. Adjustments occurred as the business grew and needed more employees to cover consumer demands. We try to make sure that there is no confusion about who is supposed to perform what tasks and who reports to whom. current structure of Xicomm consists of following departments: