Enable trusted data exchange and workflow automation beyond the boundaries with distributed ledger technology and blockchain.

Industry expertise


Supply chain
Quality control
Asset/goods management


Supply chain
Inventory control
Lot lineage/provenance


Record management
Validation of clinical trials
Sharing data across external resources

We are best suited for medium and large companies with their own traffic:

Convening business networks where everyone can win

Visionary companies are transforming their industries — from a safer, smarter and more profitable food supply to supply chains free of legacy processes.

Blockchain expertise for smarter enterprises

Turn to Blockchain Services to envision, establish and evolve your solution. Or work with other innovators through the Blockchain Ecosystem and Blockchain Partner Program.

Operational agility and speed to value
Optimize multiparty workflows around trusted data and accelerate performance across your value chain.
Cost takeout and risk mitigation
Streamline shared processes, increase accountability, minimize disputes and automate reconciliation tasks.
New monetization opportunities
Increase brand trust and sales with product authenticity and open new marketplaces with asset tokenization.
Blockchain solutions
Supply chain

Bolster your supply chain with multi-tier visibility and workflow automation. This matters more today, as consumers demand product authenticity and sustainability, and businesses demand data integrity and faster reconciliation between their partners.

Digital identity and credentials

Provide verifiable identity and credentials such as personal health and education records in a privacy-preserving way, allowing an individual to manage their information through an encrypted digital wallet on their personal device and maintain control of what they share, with whom and for what purpose.

Digital assets

Creation of a unique digital representation of an asset as a token goes beyond traditional financial instruments and enables you to trade all kinds of assets with more liquidity and speed at lower cost.

Adopting blockchain solutions

In today’s increasingly competitive business landscape, companies are tempted to dive head-first into the world of blockchain. They realize that early and intelligent adopters of the emerging trend are poised to reap benefits ahead of competitors. However, this urgency has resulted in many companies misusing the technology. Additionally, developers are still able to make hard forks in the chain as needed, and many uncertainties still exist.

Achieve operational agility with trust

As businesses adapt to an ever-changing new normal, extended collaboration and optimization beyond your organization is essential for next-level growth. Transformation isn’t always easy, and technology shouldn’t stand in the way.

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