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  Cloud Phone Systems vs VoIP For all intents and purposes, cloud phone systems and Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems pretty much provide you with the same phone system functionality, and they can be considered to be interchangeable terms. With that being said, it’s still worthwhile to take a close look at each one of these terms to…


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What is VoIP? Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) is a type of phone system that uses an internet connection to make and receive calls, rather than traditional landlines. Most people consider VoIP the alternative to the local telephone company. If you have an internet connection, you can call anyone without the need for traditional, local phone…

Cloud telephony (introduction)

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Cloud te What is Cloud Telephony? Cloud telephony is a type of Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) that allows for voice communications via a third-party host. Instead of storing the network and routing elements of a business phone system somewhere in your office, cloud-based telephony takes everything offsite. This type of phone system is…