IP Transit Service

IP Transit

Xicomm Technology allows your organization to consolidate or combine high numbers of network links and reduce them to a manageable amount of ports, simplifying network complexity, increasing throughput, and optimizing the performance of your monitoring tools as well as existing network packet brokers. Combined with filtering and load balancing, security and automation are critical functions used to increase network capacity while adding additional values like DDos protection and Mail Spam filtering for your network.


services which we are offering :

  • DDos protection
  • Lower traffic per second cost
  • provide different uplink with different capacity
  • Layer 2 tunnel
  • MPLS service
  • SDN Network Automation


cloud delivered vpn Service :


Xicomm VPN creates a private network across internet to give you anonymity and privacy for your remote workforce by securing and encrypting all connections. Xicomm VPN is acting as a secret tunnel between your device and the internet. therefore nobody can see what you’re doing inside the tunnel except you and the person on the other end that you’re sending data to—not even your internet service provider. This means that your workforce can connect to your private network from wherever they want and be sure that they can send and receive information as securely as if they were directly connected to a private network.

In addition we are offering :

  • MultiFactor authentication
  • Malware protection
  • stateful deep packet inspection
  • Antivirus
  • Multi Protocol Vpn



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